Welcome to blogging!! (for me, that is)

Hello Everyone!!!

It was a phenomenal evening yesterday.  This week, I have learned and experienced the full impact of the use of the internet in education. The team at Google provided an insight into how you can use it in the classroom. These people at these authorities have to embrace this idea with both arms, rather than being so pent up with the potential risks and so-called “safety threats”.

What’s more, the guys at Google gave me a free Chromebook!! This is what I am writing my blog on. Currently, I am falling asleep on my keyboard because I stayed up till midnight personalising it. The one thing I need to do is treasure this Chromebook. Everything I do on this is going to be online. No magnetic tape, no flimsy flash-drives, nothing. That is the beauty of this Chromebook (notice I am calling it this instead of a laptop, because that word DOES NOT do it justice!!)

Anyway, I will be uploading a regualar blog, possibly every week, filled with info on how this holy grail of computing is being put to good use, plus witty comments on how I feel about any topical issues. (For my friends on Facebook who wonder where my comedy videos went, this is the replacement. Have a go at this too, you could surprise yoursself on how interesting and exciting this is!!!) Google gave birth to this blog, and now, the blog will open up the whole world.

If you want to keep track of where I am, (sorry, I’m not getting married – although this decision is subject to change) my twitter name is @KidInASweetShop. Now, I need to go and hyperventilate after I have pressed the “Publish” button. *Heavy breathing from bathroom*

Oh, I almost forgot. Feel free to comment as well if you use wordpress. I do encourage you to use it; it’s brilliant!


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