Leave John Terry alone now!!

Racism has no place. Anywhere in the world. If you’re xenophobic, go and speak to someone about it; don’t just hurl insults and abuse at the people you have a fear of.

Not so long ago a white person got done after being filmed on a tram, expressing her dislike to foreigners in Britain. She used some strong language while children and people with other ethnicities were on the tram. This was heavily covered by the media for about 2 weeks, and now nobody hears of her anymore.

During Chelsea’s match against QPR, John Terry was accused of alleged racism towards Anton Ferdinand. He’s been found guilty, and is due for a court hearing on February 1st. HOLD ON, YOU KNOW THIS ALREADY. REPEATING THIS WILL CONTRADICT WHAT I’M TRYING TO TELL YOU. 

I was watching the episode of Charlie Brooker’s Newswipe where he was analysing how the news covered John Terry’s affair with the ex-girlfriend of Wayne Bridge. He was due for meeting Fabio Capello something like 2 weeks later. During those two weeks, the news media talked about lots of increasing “pressure” on Terry, cause they had nothing else better to do!! I bet anyone that for the whole of January the news media are going to be on Terry so much he has to go to the hospital to get treated for gamma radiation from the cameras.

My message to all of the big news companies is:- OK. We all know John Terry has been found guilty and is due in court on 40 days’ time. You don’t need to repeatedly shove it down our throats as if our enzymes have gone to sleep!! Stop giving him “increasing pressure”, while he prepares for this crucial day. Yes, he’s the Chelsea and England captain, but that shouldn’t make a difference as to what he does, or how he is tracked.

A wider message for the news media is to stop hanging around bins like a bunch of prostitutes in order to catch someone by their bedroom window. Thank you. WE ALL HAVE A RIGHT TO PRIVACY.


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