Duke of Edinburgh Award

Trust me, it’s even better than the person it’s named after!!

Last year, I achieved my Bronze Award. It’s incredibly rewarding to feel that I had achieved a lot in terms of helping people and developing my skills as a person. In this article I’m gonna use the term “DofE” instead of Duke Of Edinburgh.

There are 3 sections to the DofE award. Actually, there are 4, but you have to complete 3 in order to do the fourth. The 3 sections are Volunteering, Skill and Physical.

Volunteering is self-explanatory. You may think it’s going to be incredibly boring, especially being a teenager which is what you will be when you start it (unless you start really late). In the end, you are gonna wish you did it more often. That is one of the main points of the DofE award; it’s designed so you can get something fulfilling out of it, rather than a badge and a chance to shake hands with HRRH himself. You can help out at after-school clubs, old-people’s homes, even your local sports club.

The skill section is where you learn a new skill. Or developing and improving it. One of the most common is learning to play a tactical game, like chess, or any card game. You can also be learning an instrument. You may discover some hidden talents!

The physical section is where you do something active. In my case, it’s playing football for my team. After all, you have to be physically (kind of), but more importantly mentally able to embark and complete your expedition.

You can complete all of these sections simultaneously because otherwise it gets too boring waiting for the expedition (4th section)) to arrive, especially as you’ll be doing these for longer periods of time as you do your Silver and Gold awards.

The expedition is the fun part. You should be thinking by this stage, ‘let’s do this and get our badges’, but also, the expedition is also an opportunity to have fun with your group. Get out in the good outdoors, have a laugh. Keep on track, certainly – but don’t get stubborn or get in a strop. (Not when you’re out walking.) Have a good time, and come back feeling exhausted (you will do, seeing as the trek is quite long), but the feeling in your head will be one of satisfaction and euphoria.

Some people, having read 400 words of technicalities, will refuse the DofE Award. The people that are looking for adventure, want to widen boundaries in their abilities (and their life story, to an extent) will take this on (until you reach 25, because then you’re not allowed to do it anymore). With the thought of sounding a bit like the voice-over on the National Lottery Advert, I shall leave you with the freedom to return to whatever you were doing previously before you started to read this awesome post! A bientot followers!!


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