Loss of an Italian=Banquet for the cameras

Now, some people think I’m mad in what I say. Now, if you would kindly refer to my second post, dated 22nd December 2011. I spoke about the media ready to pounce on John Terry after he was charged with racism, and the meal (i.e. how long they could get the story to last) would last until the court hearing. My prediction was right, just. Yep, being the true Italian that he is, Fabio Capello resigned in spate at the FA’s decision to strip John Terry (again) as England captain.

So, it turns out¬†Capello himself “fed the five-thousand” that were previously hiding in bins trying to eat the telephones of famous celebrities and then digest the information. (John Terry is the fish – and the two slices of bread – in this visual metaphor.) I feel though that the FA has to take some responsibility for this. In my controversial, but logical belief that a person is innocent until found guilty, what is John Terry being sacked for?

However, I think the media have “bitten off more than they can chew”. (Visual metaphor over)

This is because in my view, they’re backing Harry Redknapp, the person that was in court no more than a week ago over tax evasion (or something like that). I hope for him to be the England manager as well, but the U-turn that was made by the media was so big that it can be seen from space!! Doesn’t make them look good, does it? It just goes to show that coverage does work, but I don’t want the story repeatedly shoved down my throat as if my digestive tract isn’t working, every time the news comes on!

To the media I say: Thank you for the information you provided first time. The factual summary of events you’ve given me is enough to form my own emotional opinion. I DON’T NEED ANY MORE! All I feel you’re doing now is trying to make a story out of something that is not¬†worthwhile. Why don’t you just give a summary of what happened on the day that you’re presenting the news on, and then go home again? (Not that I’m giving you lot ideas, but just don’t use any exaggeration; we’ve heard the story already.) It doesn’t benefit us as viewers of the news, and it also doesn’t help the people in the spotlight.

This is your next goal. You’ve quitted prostitution (I think). Let’s see if you can now lay off media food when you’ve had enough, and not vomit when you’ve had too much.