Sport Relief and catch-up

I know this is incredibly belated, but unfortunately, I feel it is better to speak my mind, so I am moving more to vLogging. Having said that, don’t even think about this account becoming defunct. There will still be posts on here, even if it means doubling my workload (at the tender age of 15, workload is increasing).

Anyway, the big news is I’m going on an overnight walk (12 hours) in the countryside with a few schoolmates for Sport Relief. If you want to sponsor me, then comment your full name, your postcode and the amount you want to donate. I can then add this to my donation sheet. SORRY IT’S SHORT NOTICE, BUT YOU WILL NEED TO HAVE HAD THE MONEY PAID IN BY MONDAY.

Thank you all that do donate.

On the subject of vLogging, I am hoping to join one of my mate’s channels: Dyanmic2k12. Look out for it on YouTube!


Andre Villas Gonas=Roman Abramovich’s Hesitation

Chelsea have got money to spend, ain’t they?

The cool, calm, collected and very formally-speaking 33 year-old Andre Villas Boas has come under the Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich’s firing finger. He is the eighth firing in the Abramovich era, and honestly, I am starting to lose patience with him.

As we all know, Abramovich will die for the moment of the Holy Grail (Champions League Cup) placed in a cast, on the top shelf, of his wall cabinet. Logic proves to us that we would not continually fire then hire many top-level managers if he didn’t want to see the name of his great club engraved on it.

Let me take you to the present day: next match for Chelsea is away at Birmingham in the FA Cup 5th round. Proceeding that is an attempt (successful or not) to overturn a 3-1 deficit in the Champions League against Napoli. (Easier said than done.)

As we all know, Chelsea’s run of form has not been good since December. Didn’t the penny drop by the end of January that tension was rising and the press was closing in on its next unfortunate piece of photographic meat? If you’re gonna string him along, at least see if he’s gonna achieve what you want him to do, and that is progress through, and perhaps win, the UEFA Champions League? If Chelsea don’t get through against Napoli, then fire him.


I see this as a visual metaphor – A goalkeeper is on his six-yard line. A long ball is played through the middle; keeper hesitates to come out, but comes out too late. Striker has time to pick his spot and score in the back of the net. Why didn’t you just come out as soon as the ball was played, or just let him try and score past you, hoping that a fantastic save would spare you?

Key message, in anything you do – BE DECISIVE