The iPad (a.k.a. The God)

So I was sitting in the launderette embracing my first experience of using the iPad. Something came over me so I typed these words. Apologies for the numerous grammatical errors:

this is an iPad tablet. it can be used as a potential alternative for a usual computer/laptop (and unlike an iPhone or iPod, also allows you to type much faster)!

you can install many apps on an iPad, just like an iPhone or iPod. however, there is one big advantage that the iPad possesses, unlike the iPhone or iPod.

that is that it can be used effectively as an educational resource, and is a very attractive alternative to a boring computer you see in a typical IT room.

with the vision, prediction and witness of new and advancing technologies in every aspect of our society, before long the iPad will become increasingly prominent in a child’s learning. it will provide excitement and enthusiasm. on top of that, it can also provide the edge that can help a student, and a school, to get results.

currently, the increase in technology is a bit to much for OFSTED. as well as the unnecessary security concern (in terms of moving all of a school’s files to ‘The Cloud’), there is a distinct problem with cost (obviously, not everybody in today’s world can just go into a shop and purchase an iPad up front).

However, it is also due to OFSTED’s obsession with getting results from exams, coursework, and such like. and actually, the head people at OFSTED are sitting in their ‘Ivory Tower’ as it were, looking at figures only. they don’t care about the student progressing in their learning and how they are feeling about it: just about their levels/grades on their report.

In my opinion, this is why some students, especially in top grammar schools,and to an extent, independent schools, are falling by the wayside as it were, not just on their grades/progress, but also their behaviour and attitude. the syllabus that they are on is not engaging them enough, we need teachers to bring back their passion for learning. it’s not to say they’re not intelligent, but because there’s nothing catching their attention.

this is where the iPad comes in. the iPad is able to provide that extra element of enjoyment, even in the most linear, boring subjects that students will inevitably sleep through. it is up to the school and the authorities and ultimately the government to provide that extra element of enjoyment, and engagement, so that the students can emerge with a positive attitude, so that they can get the results they are capable of achieving. that is what education is all about in my opinion, based on the culture I have experienced within the schooling system.

That’s it. Till next time!


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